Felipe Tadd Pvt Ltd is an experienced manufacturer, importer and distributor of high-end apparel and garments across the globe. Well known for our decades of expertise in production and marketing, we striveto deliver the finest blend of quality wears with a promising fashion that meets contemporary international needs and standards. Felipe Tadd aims at upgrading your wardrobe while conserving the environment with the focus on sustainable techniques that minimize the harmful impacts on nature and maximizes the positive effects.

Felipe Tadd is on a mission to establish itself as a leading producer, exporter, distributor and wholesaler committed to Ethical Fashion.

Felipe Tadd is a group of experienced businessmen from various trade sectors ranging from manufacturing, exporting, marketing, retail and e-commerce. We dedicate ourselves to meet our customers’ expectations in all, out of every, perfection. We probe, peruse, plan and proceed to make the best out of every single proposal put forward to our table. there in lies the core strength of Felipe Tadd Pvt. Ltd.

As a manufacturer, exporter, distributor and wholesaler Felipe Tadd will have it's strategy and professionalism to achieve the best.

Felipe Tadd London is a textile leader in fashion and home textile design, development, sourcing, manufacturing, and supply situated in London, United Kingdom. Felipe Tadd is a group of individuals that have demonstrated their expertise in sourcing, product creation, manufacturing, supply chain management, and importation. Felipe Tadd's ethical sourcing is carried out from offices in India, Bangladesh, and China in response to buyer inquiries received at the company's headquarters in the United Kingdom.

Felipe Tadd owns garment manufacturing facilities in Tirupur and home textile manufacturing facilities in Karur, both in TamilNadu, South India. Felipe Tadd has direct business collaboration with more than 150+ certified manufactures and exporters in India, Bangladesh and China. Felipe Tadd has its Design and R&D team in the United Kingdom, which monitors fashion trends to deliver the most up-to-date fashion products to its consumers all over the world.

We take pleasure in being a company that our customers can rely on, a valuable partner in a fast-paced industry where the ability to respond swiftly to changing fashion trends is critical to success.

Felipe Tadd is one of the UK's and India's largest and most diverse garment producers. We are a profitable and stable collection of firms that operate in a variety of world wide garment sectors. To meet and surpass consumers' expectations, our group is made up of separate departments that bring innovative design, outstanding customer service, And strong supply chains. Each business area is dedicated toproviding exceptional garment solutions for clients with particularly specialised garment needs: Design-led innovation, vertically integrated operations, and excellent social and environmental business practices are all part of our commitment to serving our consumers.

Our People

Felipe Tadd has always been known for bringing together highly competent individuals that share a common passion and vision to give the best possible service to our clients. Felipe Tadd is run by a team of seasoned specialists dedicated to providing high-quality items to loyal clients all around the world wide. The professional capacity of Felipe Tadd's skilled team to study, analyse, plan, and implement is one of the powerful aspects that aid Felipe Tadd in achieving its organisational goal. From the beginning of the sample creation process to final manufacturing, packing, and shipping, our professional staff excels at providing tailored assistance. Our workplace is made up of people with varying levels of seniority, abilities, and experience. We believe that growing, training, retaining, and engaging the team is something that must be done daily. Every day, we work to assist and develop our staff so that they can provide exceptional results for our clients.

Our biggest asset, we believe, is our people. We are a multi-star constellation. Each member of our team represents the top talent in their field, bringing a distinct perspective to the table. We are dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. We come from a diverse range of backgrounds as a global firm, and we value a diversity of ideas and viewpoints.

Why Felipe Tadd

Felipe Tadd London provides high-quality apparel, home textiles, and fabric at Un beatable prices, all backed by first-rate customer service. Felipe Tadd is a vertically integrated fashion provider that offers services such as design, procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. Our high-quality clothing delivers excellent value for money, and we back them up with world-class customer service.

Our strategy is to set ourselves apart from the rest by following a path that is consumer-friendly as well as environment friendly. We believe that the environmental issues of recent times need to be addressed and efforts need to be taken to tackle them. Felipe Tadd opens a door to face these issues through its approach that equips and inspires customers to opt for eco-fashion.

Felipe Tadd apparels follow the latest trends of the fashion industry. Made from fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo cotton, they adhere to sustainable fashion. Bamboo cotton-made from bamboo fibres-outlasts conventional cotton in terms of keeping the shape, strength and durability of the garment and ensures a prolonged life cycle of the product. Organic cotton is made from 100% natural seeds. Cultivated without disturbing the ecological balance, it is a sustainable alternative to regular cotton

A highly experienced design team based in the UK actively engages in ensuring that our loyal clients are kept up-to-date on the latest trends of the evolving fashion world. Sophisticated quality control and exporting system along with the international marketing head office located in the UK welcomes buyers from all over the world.

What sets us unique, however, is the combining of our design skills with our knowledge and experience in a fast-paced, ever-changing retail environment. These abilities combine to ensure that we can always deliver cutting-edge items that are on the high end of current design trends.We have experienced management, well-resourced design teams, and excellent partnerships with vendors at every stage of the supply chain across all product sectors. This enables us to deliver unique solutions to our customers by supporting the close integration of our worldwide manufacturing, import, and distribution networks. Customers may rest certain that they are dealing with the best in the industry at all times. Our skill is in taking a fashion trend and making it a reality, all while maintaining a commercial emphasis that protects our customers' profitability. Our design teams collaborate closely with buyers to strike the right blend of originality and commercialism, while our operational teams guarantee that the product is launched fast and successfully.

We are driven by a desire to succeed and inspired by trust, all while preserving our core values and aiding our international clients in forming and maintaining long-term relationships. Following the Buyer's compliance, taking all necessary measures in terms of infrastructure, administration, design, sample, production, quality assurance, packing, and forwarding. We strive to meet the demands of our devoted customers by providing high-quality merchandise at incomparable prices and prompt delivery, all inspired by our goal to provide great customer satisfaction.

Throughout the manufacturing process, we adhere to high-quality standards to ensure that our valued customers receive only the best.

We are ISO 9001, SA8000 accredited for social compliance and OEKO-Tex, EU-Reach, CE, GOTS certified for product excellence.Our extensive services to overseas wholesale importers and distributors, manufacturer importers, and retail importers (which include large retailers, multi-departmental, hyper- and supermarket stores, buying organisations, home shopping companies, and mail order companies, among others) have carved a niche in the home textile industry.

Felipe Tadd is a one-stop destination for all of your needs, and you will be ecstatic with our products and unequalled quality. We strive to achieve perfection and your greatest satisfaction will always be our first focus.

What we Do

Our goods have a long history of being known for their superior quality, product range, service, and dependability. We create every type of Clothing, Apparel, Garments, Home Furnishing product ranging from fashion styles to basic designs.We follow all specified standards, hence our products are highly durable.We have vertical setup facilities and well-trained colleagues to design and manufacture high-quality international standards items that meet the needs and expectations of our customers. We make every effort to meet the needs of our customers. Fashion, like ourselves, moves at a breakneck pace. We've evolved into one of the UK's largest and most successful high fashion suppliers by expanding on these roots. We can provide a customised service to our broad client base since we have offices in both the UK and India. We offer a great FOB service for our larger retail clients, which includes a complete service from port to door. We are always seeking to improve every part of our business as a set of firms operating in a global economy by investing in product development, supply chains, customer service, technology, and, of course, our people. At Felipetadd, quality is ensuring that our products meet or surpass the expectations of our clients. Quality and safety are prioritised during the design phase and through out the manufacturing process. To accomplish this, we are constantly refining our procedures and methods. We have a rigorous quality assurance approach in place that begins as early in the product life cycle as possible. Our challenge is to maintain our high-quality standards while adapting to new fashions, products, and market laws while keeping our prices low. Our commitment to our customers includes activities and initiatives that ensure our products are safe and satisfying.

Our Operation

We're working hard to establish ourselves as one of the UK's leading clothes and accessory importers. We can manage all of our client's needs, whether they are small or huge, from design through distribution. Customers may rest certain that they are dealing with the best in the industry at all times. Our skill is in taking a fashion trend and making it a reality, all while maintaining a commercial emphasis that protects our customers' profitability. Our design teams work closely with buyers to achieve the ideal balance of originality and commercialism, while our operational teams ensure that the product launches quickly and successfully. We've assembled a world-class team of nearly 400 people, ranging from skilled designers to talented graduates, from customer service representatives to highly experienced manufacturing and quality assurance professionals, customers in the highly competitive fashion industry want a rapid supply chain and aggressive lead times, and our performance in these areas illustrates our experience. Whether it's large storefronts, small to medium enterprises, or entirely online businesses, we're continually adapting to changes in the retail industry. We can suit all of our client's particular needs by providing a diverse range of products, including menswear, ladieswear, childrenswear, and accessories.

All of our products are subjected to severe quality control from the fibre stage through the production process, starting with eye-catching designs and patterns and inventive manufacturing procedures equipped with state-of-the-art weaving, processing, and finishing machines.

Our Team

Felipe Tadd has always been known for bringing together skilled people with a shared passion and vision to provide the best for our clients. Felipe Tadd is led by a group of experienced professionals committed to supplying high-quality products to devoted customers worldwide. One of the powerful elements that aid Felipe Tadd in attaining its organisational objective is the professional capacity of its skillful team to study, analyse, plan, and implement. Our professional staff excel in providing individualised assistance from the beginning of the sample creation process through final manufacturing, packing, and shipping. Individuals with varying levels of seniority, abilities, and experience make up our workplace. We believe building, developing, training, retaining, and engaging the team is a daily commitment. Every day, we strive to support and empower our employees to provide outstanding outcomes for our clients

Elvijs Plugis
Manager, Marketing Department

Felipetadd, UK

Rebeca Martins
Digital Marketing

Felipetadd, UK

William Tulloch
Marketing Head

Felipetadd, UK

Shibhu Sreedharan
Head of Sourcing Asia

Felipetadd, UK