How to Search for Ethical Manufacturers for Your Sustainable Fashion Line

02 March 22

How to Search for Ethical Manufacturers for Your Sustainable Fashion Line

Are you planning to launch your own fashion line focusing on the ethical and environmental aspects? Then, you have come to the right place!

Launching a fashion line is no easy task. And when it comes to sustainable fashion, let's just say the task gets more challenging. The search for the right fabrics and the right manufacturers who upholds your brand's ethics is an exhilarating experience and when we say we know, trust us, we do! So, we have rounded up a few tips that you could use to find a sustainable clothing manufacturer who fits your brand just right! Let's get started!

Tips to Find Ethical Manufacturers for Your Fashion Line


Search the Right Resources

Be it online or offline, ensure the information is true to the last word. The resources might be false or self-righteous or praise a particular brand. So research thoroughly before deciding on a manufacturer. It will be better if you have a clear vision of your brand, as it would allow you to narrow down your search based on keywords that best define your brand. 
For example: Search for a 100% organic cotton clothing manufacturer if your brand primarily promotes clothing made from 100% organic cotton. 

Now, shortlist the manufacturers whose concepts match your strategies and visions. We will further narrow it down with each step until you are left with the one!
Also, seek suggestions and advice from experts in your field. Who else to ask than the veterans? 

Ask for Samples

Feel free to request samples from all the shortlisted manufacturers. Samples showcase the manufacturers skills and what they provide. So, it is vital to check the samples and ensure the quality and the standard of the fabric. Remember, your brand identity depends on the quality of the products you sell. So look for the best and narrow your list further!

Contact, to Know More

Feeling stuck shortlisting manufacturers? Pick up your phone and dial them. Ask everything that you need to know from them. You will be able to understand their willingness to answer your queries and adhere to your demands and desires. We are sure, once you are done calling, you will be able to cut a few names out.

Always remember, the deeper you look, the better products your brand markets! So, however tiresome, look deeper till you find your right one! It's better to take time and find the perfect one than regretting your choices. 

Visit Ethical Fashion Shows

With sustainable fashion taking up the world by storm, ethical apparels are now on the ramps! Today, almost every fashion shows feature ethical designers and sustainable fashion manufacturers. And where else would you look for clothing manufacturers than at a fashion show? You will get to see how the samples look as an outfit and who knows, maybe even strike a deal! So book a seat in the front row in the next fashion show to find your manufacturing partner!

Sustainability is the Key

Unless you are looking for a local manufacturer, expand your search overseas, you would be able to find ethical manufacturers who take sustainability as their responsibility and produce high-quality products at cheaper rates. 

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