Perfect innerwear enhances a person’s confidence. Bras are undergarments worn by women to support the breasts and complement the figure. Available in different styles and designs, they accentuate the outfits perfectly. Felipe Tadd excels in manufacturing the perfect bra that is in line with the latest trends and the specifications of the clients.

Push-up Bra

A push-up bra gives a naturally fuller and uplifted shape. Padded cups and closely fitted wires help to give maximum cleavage effect and a beautiful neckline. Best suitable to be paired with low cut tops.

T-shirt Bra

A T-shirt bra helps to create a smooth and flattering shape. It is lightly padded and has smooth moulded cups making it invisible under fitted clothes. Perfect for everyday wear, it gives comfort and a natural fit with subtle enhancement.

Full cup Bra

A full cup bra has gives a rounder bust and a perfect look for the wearer. With its smooth outer shell, it provides full coverage and support whether underwired or non-wired.

Half Cup Bra

A half-cup bra offers limited coverage. The wires come mid-way and the cups arecut lower to show just enough cleavage. The half-cup bra can be paired perfectlyunder tops with low necklines.

Balconette Bra

A balconette bra creates a boosting effect and offers great support. It gives a good shape by lifting the bust from the sides with wide-set shoulder straps. Perfect to give the right level of cleavage, it is best worn under tops with low necklines.

Strapless Bra

A strapless bra as the name suggests doesn’t have straps instead it provides theneeded support from the under the band. The cups are shaped for lift. They help create a smooth silhouette. Detachable straps are provided with most strapless bras making them versatile to be styled in various ways. Best suitable to be paired with outfits where you don't want the strap on show.

Sports Bra

A sports bra supports your bust and helps minimise movement during exercise. Sports bras usually sport high cuts and full cups for total coverage. It compresses the breasts close to your body for maximum hold ensuring comfort and ease of movement. An absolute essential for low-impact yoga or high-intensity workout.

Minimiser Bra

A minimiser bra makes the bust appear smaller and thus ensures a more flattering silhouette. The cups are designed to redistribute the breast tissues so that they could fit evenly all over the cup and thus make an illusion of a smaller bust. Pair a good minimiser under clothes that require a more streamlined silhouette.

Nursing Bra

Nursing bras are made for breastfeeding moms who need comfort and gentle support to their breasts when they are at their most sensitive. The cups have a drop-down that can be moved out of the way while breastfeeding. A nursing bra is the best way to avoid stretched or saggy breasts.


A bralette is a lightweight bra made primarily for comfort. It gives proper support and shape to busts without moulded cups or underwires. They provide a thin layer of coverage and are often worn as outerwear tops. An amalgamation of a bra and a crop top, it is suitable for average busts size women.

Plunge Bra

The plunge bra creates an illusion of great cleavage by supporting the bust from the centre of the cups and pushing them together. A plunge style is sure to give you the support and positioning you need if your busts sit closely together. Best suitable to be paired under tops with a low-cut neckline.

Triangle Bra

Triangle bras are designed similar to bralettes. It enhances the natural shape of the bust providing a flattering silhouette.