Jersey is a single-knit cotton fabric known for its stretchability and softness. There is a natural elasticity to the fabric because of the way it is knit. Jersey is the fabric used to make tee-shirts. Apparels made from jersey fabric are stretchy, soft, and release wrinkles easily as its characteristic stretch lets it keep its shape. Jersey is a low-maintenance fabric. You can machine wash it. Jersey fabric tends to shrink, avoid it by washing in cold water or washing by hand, and air-dry or tumble dry on the low setting.


T-shirts made of jersey knitted fabric are a good choice for everyday wear as they are very comfortable and effortless to wear. You can do errands, go to work, and hang out with mates all in the same super-comfortable t-shirt. Jersey t-shirts are also popular for sports and uniforms since they are lightweight and breathable. Imagine being active in a shirt that is stiff and holds in sweat!

Customisation is available in Crew Neck, V neck, Henley Neck, Zip Neck, Polo T-shirts, Rugby Shirts, Vests with long or short sleeves in Cotton, Cotton Mix, Polyester, Bamboo and Organic Cotton fabrics. Available GSM: 120-260.

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Hoodies and sweatshirts are timeless classics that combine fashion and function at a price that's hard to beat. Felipe Tadd offers customizable and comfortable jersey knit sweatshirts and hoodies and keeps the prices low enough to compete with the largest chains. We custom manufacture hoodies and sweatshirts to guarantee you get the sweatshirt you envisioned for your brand - quickly and affordably in the style, colour, and size of your choice.

Customisation is available as zippers or pullovers in Cotton, Cotton Mix, Polyester, Bamboo and Organic Cotton fabrics. Available GSM: 120-260.

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Discover ultimate comfort with our men's shorts and tracksuits custom manufactured from super-comfortable jersey fabric. Given the comfort they offer, you'll want to wear these all day long!

These track pants make a sporty style statement imparting a professional yet casual look. The shorts are skilfully manufactured as per the latest trend of the market, making sure that they are colourfast, shrink-free & long-lasting. The perfect fit and proper cut will ensure your comfort and make you feel relaxed all through your wear.

Felipe Tadd provides you with custom made tracksuits and shorts in Cotton, Cotton Mix, Polyester, Bamboo, Organic Cotton fabrics. Available GSM: 120-360.

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Looking for custom manufactured jersey knit sports/activewear for your brand? Then, get in touch with us. Implement your own fashion sensibilities to make your bulk orders unique and cutting edge that fulfils your aesthetic and functional needs and we will help you manufacture it for the men who love to drill outdoors or at the gym. The high-quality material used provides fashionable appeal, versatility, and performance features to alleviate the workout routine.

Customisation is available in Polyester and Polyester mix fabrics. Available GSM: 120-200.

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Stock your brand with the cutest selection of jersey socks and underwear that symbolize flair and funkiness and reflects the newest fashion trends and highlights. we custom manufacture socks that offer ample breathability and ventilation and underwear that is super comfortable and features a trendy appeal. Recognizing the significance of comfort for exercise enthusiasts we make sure to mix the best fabrics, raw materials, and cutting-edge technology to create your brand to perfection.

Underwear customisation is available in A-fronts, Trunks/Hipsters, Boxer Shorts, Briefs, Wover Boxer Shorts in Cotton, Cotton Mix, Polyester, Bamboo and Organic Cotton fabrics.

Socks customisation available in Casual, Crew Socks, Ankle Socks, Invisible Socks, Trainer Socks, Cushioned Socks in Cotton and Cotton Mix fabrics.

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