Leather is a luxury natural fabric produced from tanned animal hide. From time immemorial, leather has been used to craft clothing and footwear. It is one of the most sought-out textile products due to its durability, water-resistance, insulative properties, and luxurious softness. The availability of products in many different styles, grades, and colours makes it one of the most diversified natural fabrics. Felipe Tadd excels in custom manufacturing leather products that match the latest trends and demands of the fashion industry.


The leather jacket is an essential apparel that finds its way into every man’s wardrobe. A versatile piece of clothing for every occasion, leather jackets are available in various colours and styles ranging from classic black to chic neon colours.

Felipe Tadd offers its clients custom manufactured leather jackets that impart masculinity, heritage, and an attitude like no other jackets present in the market.

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Leather belts and bags are the perfect add-ons to dress up your formal or informal attire and to make a style statement. Varied belt types are available for functional use as well as to make your outfit stand out. A functional essential for work, school and college; a leather bag is a cool fashion statement to accentuate your outfit. They come in various sizes and styles. Express your style & create a cool factor like no other with this functional, sleek & utility-oriented accessory.

It becomes imperative for you to choose the right pieces for your brand. Get in touch with Felipe Tadd to custom design and manufacture leather accessories that entice your customer's desires.

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