Global Sourcing

Felipe Tadd has its own highly sophisticated manufacturing units for Garments and Home textile. We can meet any volume as we have directly collaborated with 150+ leading manufactures and exporters who proved their experience and trust for decades. Our Expert team oversees every step of making your favourite piece of garment.

Sourcing is a complex process in which cost, quality, and lead time are all critical considerations, all of which are inextricably linked to the product and demand. The importance is determined by the product's type, the company's requirements, and the target client. Quality is the most important aspect, followed by cost and lead time. The image of our organisation is determined by the quality of our products. While being the cheapest or fastest to market isn't always necessary, we always deliver a high-quality product. We have rigorous testing procedures in place, and any inferior components would vary certainly result in a style's cancellation. We are extremely conscientious about quality, and cost-effectiveness is equally vital; lead-time is also critical, as we must provide speedier delivery to the buyer.

Global Sourcing is an element of the purchasing process for obtaining materials and products from nations other than the home country to take advantage of attractive discounts. This is because, depending on their level of development, various countries charge different prices for the same products and services. Another aspect that adds to the lower price is the abundance of raw materials available in the specific country.

When we need to work with materials that aren't in our range, we select the best facilities for the job and enlist the help of technologists in our international offices to oversee every stage of the production and quality assurance process.

With a truly global overseas branch network and excellent relationships with suppliers and manufacturers around the world, sourcing quality products is our speciality.

We have invested in building strong partnerships with reliable manufacturing facilities and global logistics experts so that we can get exactly what our customers want and when they want it. With our staff on the ground in key locations, we offer agile, flexible, and comprehensive sourcing.

This partnership approach also affords us strong manufacturing control, which allows us to maintain the quality of production and keep manufacturing costs low. Offering short lead times with established and trusted suppliers overseas contributes greatly to our ability to provide a level of service and security which is second to none.