Undergarments are essential pieces of clothing in any wardrobe. They provide much-needed protection and comfort to the private areas and also enhances the overall look. Felipe Tadd custom manufactures quality knickers based on the needs and the latest trends. Briefly discover the various collections offered by us here.

Comfort Knickers

Comfort knickers are a must-have in every wardrobe. They are comfortable, breathable, and hypoallergenic. They do not trap moisture and is ideal for period days.

Bikini Knickers

Bikini has a higher leg and sits low on the hips with a low front and narrow sides, giving good bottom coverage and a flattering shape. It provides a good fit and coverage. Ideal to wear under low rise trousers or skirts

Brazilian Knickers

Brazilian Knickers are a combination of a bikini and a thong. They feature wide sides and sit low on the hips. The waistline sits comfortably below the navel, giving a figure-flattering fit and full coverage. Brazilian Knickers are an excellent option to wear with low or mid-rise jeans.


A thong provides minimal coverage and comes in high or low-rise with varying side and back widths that suits the body shape. They have thin strings around the waist to keep them in place. Thongs are often considered ideal for layering under formfitting clothes, as visible panty lines are swiftly eliminated.

High Rise Knickers

High Rise Knickers help to make the stomach area look slimmer. The snug fit provides day-long comfort and makes it ideal to pair with bodycon dresses and other fitted outfits. A high rise knicker comes up to the waist and helps to accentuate the figure and mask tummy rolls.

High leg knickers

High leg knickers sit securely above your hips and provide moderate tummy control. It features a semi-thick band that sits just above the hip bone. Ideal for an added support around the stomach. It is perfect for showing off long legs and offers moderate coverage. They are comfortable and elegantly flatters the waist. Ideal to pair with high-rise jeans or shorts.

NO VPL Knickers

NO VPL Knickers remain invisible under any outfit. Its Laser-cut edges give it a smooth and clean finish and also helps prevent the sides from digging in so it feels comfortable. It is lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking. Ideal to pair with close-fitting dresses and bottoms.


A full brief is designed to provide maximum coverage. A classic style, it sits high on the waist and has thick sides and a low leg line. This style minimises tummies and provides maximum coverage and comfort.