Product Development

Our garment product development process is flexible enough to assist small and medium-sized clothing businesses as well as major clothing manufacturers.

With so many details involved in the process, fashion design and product development sound like a complicated manufacturing process. Colours, fabrics, cuts, accessories, and trims are all aspects of the development of garment products. All of these characteristics are critical to the product's success, but following the correct processes from the tech pack through mass manufacturing is even more critical.

With their years of expertise and experience in the sector, our specialists at Felipe Tadd will guide you through the earliest stages till the final product is ready.

1. Begin with a concept.

Draw your design concepts to visualise your product. Make a few sketches for alternative variations of your future products using existing designs as inspiration. After we have created a concrete notion, we can go on to the next critical step.

2. Tech Pack Creation

The tech pack is the most crucial document when it comes to apparel manufacturing. It's a design file that includes sketches and specifications for a clothing item. On the side, the materials, trims, and accessories that will be used for the product are also indicated. The tech pack is a standard file that factories and suppliers are given to evaluate whether the product is feasible and ready to manufacture or not. Clothing product design companies can assist with tech pack creation..

3. Prepare a Cut Sheet

The next phase in the apparel product development process is to determine all of your product's measurements. Consider your clothing item's length, width, height, and even thickness. Create a variation of the measurements for various sizes (S, M, L, XL, etc.) so that the manufacturing business has a clear set of instructions to follow for various product variations. You don't want manufacturers to make assumptions about metrics you weren't able to provide.

4. Making Samples

Once you're ready for sampling, you've reached an important stage in the garment product development process. To build the first edition of your apparel product, you'll collaborate with the manufacturer. This sample will serve as the foundation for the final form of the product, and it will be used to make iterations and alterations until the intended apparel productis achieved. Examine your sample thoroughly! Shortly, you might even be able to 3D print your clothes samples. However, till then, it is still handiwork.

5. Product Development

We've arrived at the stage where your simple concept can now be implemented. This is a significant step forward in the creation of a clothing product since we have now reached the point where we can make the actual product based on the comments and feedback received on the product sample. You're ready to start mass production based on your budget and market demand expectations.

6. Quality Assurance

The final stage of fashion design and product development is quality assurance, which entails inspecting each piece of clothes (or a percentage of big amounts) from the production batch to ensure they meet your specifications and deliver the expected results. You don't release substandard products because you don't want your company's reputation to suffer. Consumers and merchants alike have high expectations for wholesale apparel products to be of the same high quality.