Supply Chain Management

With the increasing material and commercial demands, Supply Chain Management has become increasingly crucial around the world. Our Logistics Management team works closely with buyers and manufacturers to ensure that the best supply solutions are delivered on time. We have a Supply chain management system that responds swiftly to market demand while maintaining optimal inventory levels. Availabile chain visibility may help firms respond appropriately to unanticipated occurrences, assure the ongoing supply of critical parts, and avoid unknowingly supporting supply chain practices that contradict the company's values.

We ensure enhanced product and material flow by establishing comprehensive supply chain management. We all know that time-to-consumer is an important metric for product flow efficiency. By assuring the quality of the resources or items that reach customers, the more efficient the product flow is, the less time it takes for goods to reach the end customer.

When we need to work with materials that aren't in our range, we select the best facilities for the job and enlist the help of technologists in our international offices to oversee every stage of the production and quality assurance process.

We specialise in acquiring quality products since we have a genuinely global foreign branch network and great relationships with suppliers and manufacturers all around the world.

We've spent time and money developing solid relationships with dependable production facilities and global logistics professionals so that we can deliver exactly what our customers want when they want it. We provide agile, flexible, and thorough sourcing thanks to our people on the ground in critical locations.

This collaborative strategy also gives us significant manufacturing control,allowing us to maintain product quality while keeping costs down. Offering fast lead times with established and trustworthy overseas suppliers helps significantly to our ability to provide unrivalled service and security.

The ethical sourcing team at Felipe Tadd collaborates with major yarn and fabric manufacturers to bring bespoke and speciality materials to market. Our goal is to provide sustainable fashion.