About Us

Felipe Tadd Pvt Ltdis an experienced manufacturer, exporter and distributor of high-end apparels and garments across the globe. Well known for our decades of expertise in production and marketing, we strive to deliver the finest blend of quality wears witha promising fashion that meets the contemporary international needs and standards.Felipe Tadd aims at upgrading your wardrobe while conserving the environment with the focus on sustainable techniques that minimizes the harmful impacts on nature and maximizes the positive effects.

Our strategy is to set ourselves apart from the rest by following a path that is consumer friendly as well as environment friendly. We believe that the environment issues of the recent times need to be addressed and efforts needs to be taken to tackle them. Felipe Tadd opens a door to face these issues through its approach that equips and inspires customers to opt for eco-fashion.

Felipe Tadd apparels follow the latest trends of the fashion industry. Made from fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo cotton, they adhere to the sustainable fashion. Bamboo cotton-made from bamboo fibres-outlasts conventional cotton in terms of keeping the shape, strength and durability of the garment and ensures a prolonged life cycle of the product. Organic cotton is made from 100% natural seeds. Cultivated without disturbing the ecological balance, it is a sustainable alternative to regular cotton.

Felipe Tadd is on a mission to establish itself as a leading producer, exporter, distributor and wholesaler committed in Ethical Fashion.

A highly experienced design team-based in the UK-actively engages in ensuring that our loyal clients are kept up-to-date on the latest trends of the evolving fashion world. Sophisticated quality control and exporting system along with the international marketing head office located in the UK welcomes buyers from all over the world.

Felipe Tadd is a group of experienced businessmen from various trade sectors rangingfrom the manufacturing, exporting, marketing, retail and e commerce. We dedicate ourselves to meet our customers’ expectations in all perfection. We probe, peruse, plan and proceed to make the best out of every single proposal put forward to our table. Therein lies the core strength of Felipe Tadd Pvt. Ltd.

As a manufacturer, exporter, distributor and wholesaler Felipe Tadd will have its own strategy and professionalism to achieve the best.