Felipe Tadd has a wide range of baby wears and accessories in various colours and patterns. To ensure the quality, comfort, safety of the newborn, we pay special attention to the smallest details. Made with utmost love and care, we strive to bring what you envisioned for your brand into reality. We respond quickly to changing fashion trends and ensure that our collections are both functional, stylish and baby-friendly.

Sleeping suits

A sleeping suit is an ideal piece of clothing for a newborn. Manufactured by paying close attention to the detailing specified by the customer and the latest fashion trends, they are comfortable, durable and imparts a fashionable appeal. Introduce new premium exclusive collections to your brand with Felipe Tadd. For further details, contact us.

sleeping suits


Rompers are cute, comfortable, and stylish and can be dressed up or down based on the occasion. Felipe Tadd custom manufactures baby rompers using high-quality fabrics to ensure comfort and a stylish appeal. Available in an assortment of colours, sizes, and styles; we produce them with utmost care and precision paying attention to the safety and comfort of the newborn and customer demands. Send your designsand ideas to Felipe Tadd for further information.


Sleeping Bag

Cosy, comfortable, lightweight baby sleeping bags are every parent's best friend. Custom manufacture with love and care, Felipe Tadd strives to ensure the products are in line with the latest trends and customer specifications and comfortable and safe for the newborn baby. Satisfy your customers with an exclusive range of premium quality sleeping bags custom manufactured by Felipe Tadd. Available in anassortment of sizes and styles, send us your bulk orders to boost your brand.



Felipe Tadd custom manufactures a range of high-quality soft swaddle cloths to keepyour baby warm and comfortable. Lightweight and smooth, they are baby-friendly and snuggles up to your baby. Ideal to grab the attention of new parents, boost your brand with Felipe Tadd. Our products are made using high-quality fabrics and are available in varied colours and designs. Send us your specifications to custom manufacture them exclusively



Attract customers with these blankets that fulfil both fashion and function. A must-have to keep the newborn comfortably tucked in as they provide warmth while maintaining the stylish factor that would attract new parents to your brand. Felipe Tadd has proven its ability to create fashionable, comfortable, and appealing baby accessories. Send us your wholesale orders, and we'll make your brand a reality.



Keep your newborn warm and comfortable with premium quality knitwear. Felipe Tadd custom manufactures an elegant range of baby knitwear that is cosy, comfortable, and effortless to wear. Special attention is given to the detailing and customers' specifications to keep the knitwear simple and lightweight. To ensure comfort, it is has a breathable texture which is perfect for delicate baby skin.Send your bulk orders to Felipe Tadd to boost your brand and entice your customers.