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Well known for our decades long experience in the field of manufacturing and marketing while promoting sustainability; we strive to deliver the finest blend of quality wears with a promising fashion and creative design approach that meets the contemporary international needs and standards.

About Us

Felipe Tadd is a leading clothing producer in the United Kingdom, making high-quality garments. Fashion start-ups, small companies, SMEs, and budding designers are all supported by us. We provide a complete manufacturing solution that includes a variety of services, which you can learn more about.

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Design & Product development

We are constantly studying and evaluating the latest fashion trends to create fashion-forward ladieswear, menswear, and childrenswear drawing inspiration from around the globe that appeal to a broad audience and satisfy customers.


This is the method of transforming raw materials into finished goods. Beginning with the idea or design concept and ending with a finished product, ready-to-wear apparel or garment manufacturing involves many processing steps.

Global Sourcing

With our staff in key locations, we offer agile, flexible, and comprehensive sourcing. We have invested in building strong partnerships with reliable manufacturing facilities and global logistics experts to get exactly what our customers want.

Supply Chain Management

We ensure enhanced product and material flow by establishing comprehensive supply chain management. Our Logistics Management team works closely with buyers and manufacturers to ensure that the best supply solutions are delivered on time.

Quality Control

The garment industry's quality fitness is determined by several variables, including performance, reliability, durability, and visual and perceived quality of the garment. We follow the quality standards such as AATCC, ASTM, BS, DIN, JIS, and ISO.

Customer Care & Display Centre

From purchase confirmation through delivery, our local customer service and display centre in central London is always ready to help. Improving the lifetime value of each partnership requires developing a more hands-on approach with our consumers.

Our Ranges


A stretchy, lightweight, and breathable fabric known for its durability, absorbency, and close-knit structure.


A durable fabric that stretches diagonally, produced by interweaving warp and weft threads at right angles to one another.


A popular and practical fabric produced by weaving yarns in the iconic warp-faced denim style with dyed cotton.


Produced by continuously looping one or more long yarns, knitted fabric is soft, flexible and wrinkle resistant.


Woven to create the tiny loop piles, it is highly absorbent, super durable, surprisingly versatile and soft to the touch.


A natural fabric made using tanned animal skin, its durability, water-resistance, and luxurious softness makes it popular.

Sustainable Fabrics

Free of chemicals and pesticides, Sustainable fabrics are produced from natural or recycled raw materials to reduce harm to environment. These fabrics are breathable, hypoallergenic, soft and free of plastic microfibers.

Natural Fabrics

Natural fabric is woven or knitted fibres produced from animal (wool), vegetable (bamboo) and mineral sources. Animal fibres are mainly protein-based. Mineral fibres are rarely used in fashion fabrics production.

Semi synthetic Fabrics

Semi-synthetic fibres are made from natural materials through chemical processes. Most semi-synthetic fibres are produced from cellulose, a structural component of plants. Rayon or Viscose is the earliest in this.



Do you have your
own idea and want to
make it happen?


We provide the best service in custom designing and white labelling to help our clients manufacture the best apparels! Well known for speed, efficiency and quality, From creating the idea to production, Felipe Tadd will assist developing your brand with your own logo and company name.

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What our
Partners Said
Sumon Ahmed

General Manager, House Of Spells


Most professional clothing manufacturers. Working with Felipe Tadd was a blast. They are experts in every discipline, from beginning to end. They care about the demands of a customer and are determined to delivering from the first contact, pleasant and generous interactions.

Jason Farmer

Purchasing Manager, British Souvenirs


Working with Felipe Tadd was a wonderful experience. They provided a high-quality product and paid attention to every detail. The fabric was better than expected, the design was flawless, shipping was prompt, and support and communication were excellent. This was our first and most certainly not our final engagement. The crew comes highly recommended from me

William Tulloch

Manager, York Vikings


Felipe Tadd has made my experience so enjoyable! They put a lot of effort into making things flawless. They provided me with so much help and advise from beginning to end. The crew has been really helpful throughout the entire process, and they continue to use their talents and expertise to recommend crucial textiles and are always available for support. I'm extremely appreciative.


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