Felipe Tadd UK is a well versed manufacturer, importer and distributor of high quality apparels and garments across the globe. Well known for our decades long experience in the field of manufacturing and marketing while promoting sustainability; we strive to deliver the finest blend of quality wears with a promising fashion and creative design approach that meets the contemporary international needs and standards. At Felipe Tadd, we aim to reach and stay connected to our customers with a quick and well organised service through various marketing chains with the help of our most efficient system and team.

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Manufacturing Flow Chart

Ever wondered about how your favourite t-shirt was made? Ever thought about the processes involved?

Garment manufacturing involves utmost care and perfection. The apparel you sport is a product of hard work and expertise. From designing to shipping, lots of hard work goes into making a single piece of apparel. The first step is to design. A pattern of the garment is made to craft fit samples used to evaluate the fit of the product. Once confirmed, the production pattern is graded, and a marker is made. Large rolls of fabric are spread and cut to prepare garment assembly. They undergo bundling for sewing. The assembled garment is quality inspected, finished, ironed, packed, and shipped to the customer.

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felipetadd manufacturing flow chart

Develop With Us

At Felipetadd, we provide the best service in custom designing and white labelling to help our clients manufacture the best apparels for their brands from start to finish!

Our Team

Felipe Tadd has always been known for bringing together skilled people with a shared passion and vision to provide the best for our clients. Felipe Tadd is led by a group of experienced professionals committed to supplying high-quality products to devoted customers worldwide. One of the powerful elements that aid Felipe Tadd in attaining its organisational objective is the professional capacity of its skillful team to study, analyse, plan, and implement. Our professional staff excel in providing individualised assistance from the beginning of the sample creation process through final manufacturing, packing, and shipping. Individuals with varying levels of seniority, abilities, and experience make up our workplace. We believe building, developing, training, retaining, and engaging the team is a daily commitment. Every day, we strive to support and empower our employees to provide outstanding outcomes for our clients

Elvijs Plugis
Manager, Marketing Department

Felipetadd, UK

Rebeca Martins
Digital Marketing

Felipetadd, UK

William Tulloch
Marketing Head

Felipetadd, UK

Shibhu Sreedharan
Head of Sourcing Asia

Felipetadd, UK

Our Blog

Read from our blog to know more about the products, fabrics we offer and the services we provide!