Woven fabrics are textiles produced by weaving. The loom is commonly used to make woven fabrics. Each thread is intertwined at right angles to one another to create a piece of woven cloth. When selecting an outfit, it is critical to express your unique style. What you wear should reflect who you are, what you do, and how you live. With this in mind, Felipe Tadd creates woven clothing that is appropriate for your business and clients.


Made of a breathable and soft fabric that assures your comfort, casual women’s tops and shirts come in a variety of solids and designs. They are one of the essential and most common pieces of clothing that every woman possess. Keeping this in mind, Felipe Tadd uses high-quality materials that wick sweat-giving the product breathability and incredible durability, thus enticing the customers to buy more. Purchase casual tops and shirts for your business from Felipe Tadd to boost your brand and satisfy your customers.

Customisation is available in Crew Neck, V neck, Curved Hem T-shirts, Cross Hem Tops, Polo T-shirts, Tunic, Square Neck, Slouch Vest, Camisoles/Cami Top, Bodies, Cover-Ups, Blouse, Tops with Puff Sleeve, Ruffle Sleeve, Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Sleeveless, Button-Shoulder and Circle Volume Sleeve inCotton, Cotton Mix, Polyester, Bamboo, Organic Cotton fabrics.



Felipe Tadd understands the importance of attracting your store's fashion-forward clients, therefore we create the trendiest wholesale women dresses based on your choices and the latest trends. We are experts in combining comfort and style, and we have a sharp eye for exceptional design and top quality. With cutting-edge production techniques, we try to meet the high expectations of bulk purchasers for the highest quality dresses.

Customisation is available in Midi Dress, Square Neck Dress, Off Shoulder Dress, Tailored Dress, Wrap Dress, Belted Dress, Tie Wait, Frill Dress, Kaftan, Tea Dress, Jersey, Tiered, Shirt Dress, Ruffle, Knitted, Slash Neck, Satin Dress, Bodycon, with short sleeve, long sleeve, ¾ sleeve in Cotton, Cotton Mix,Viscose, Linen Mix, Modal, Bamboo Mix fabrics.



Felipe Tadd believes in conserving the nature we live in and supports eco-fashion. Other than the use of various sustainable fabrics, Felipe Tadd also employs handlooms run by skilled native artisans to produce premium quality fabric.

Handloom refers to the timber frames used by trained artisans to weave textilesby hand. The entire process of fabric production- from spinning the yarn to colouring and weaving it is done manually. The fabric thus made are known as handloom fabric, creating this fabric requires time, patience, and a distinct sizing. Each of them is unique and since they are not power generated, they are environment friendly too.