One of the most versatile types of fabric, leather is a luxury natural fabric that is said to be the first textile crafted by humans. Because of its durability, water-resistance and luxurious feel, leather is a highly desired product. A staple fashion essential in every wardrobe, leather is a style statement by itself.

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Leather outerwear is essential in every woman’s wardrobe. The fabric because of its luxury appearance would impart a formal outlook. Comfortable and stylish,leather outerwear makes a statement effortlessly. The versatility and diversity make it a staple. Pull it on over a tee or a dress and it would accentuate your attire better than any other accessory.

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Leather accessories are an investment. Belts and bags are functional essentials that make a fashion statement when worn with your attire. A simple piece of accessory, extremely comfortable and easy to wear, leather belts are a combination of function and fashion. Leather bags are classics. They are available in assorted sizes and colours and are easy to carry, and durable.

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